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Get Information about every Toll cost in the country.

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Now you can easily and quickly calculate tolls costs for any route in India through the My Toll Calculator app for Android. My Toll Calculator is the only app that calculates tolls costs across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads in India and supports all vehicles from motorcycles to passenger cars and RVs to trucks and semis up to 9-axles. It also factors in transponder discounts.

My Toll Calculator provide Truckers with Industry-Leading Toll Calculator

We're thrilled to be working with another innovative and fast-growing company that shares a common mission around helping commercial fleets and drivers make smarter transportation decisions, and look forward to working with TruckSuvidha to explore new ways of bringing value to this audience.

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Using My Toll Calculator you can calculate toll rates for any Route in India.

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Using My Toll Calculator you can find details of any toll in India.

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My Toll calculator allows user to locate toll on map..

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Get Information about every Toll cost in the country.